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My dear people, especially our men, please tolerate your spouse, prepare for the evening time. Ojo ale se Pataki, money would not run errands, the children that we see today may not be with us during the crucial time. A ko ni rare lojo ale wa Amin.
If any of us have issues with our partner, stoop. Stooping will not kill. It’s far better than loneliness. Loneliness kills faster than ailments . KI Ile to su, ki okunkun to bo oju ojo, e wa woroko fi se ada. Bottom line is live and not die prematurely. No one can predict the evening time, a vibrant man /woman today may have health challenges in the evening time and of course, you need your spouse.
At old age, spouses are not readily available in the market, what you have are looters who are ready to suck the unsuspecting prey dry. They could even go to ridiculous extent especially if you have done well for yourself during active years.
To enjoy a healthy LIFE in the evening time, there are many factors, the first being HAPPINESS. Are you
happy ? Are you inflicting pains on yourself. In what ways are you making your spouse unhappy?
Do you realize that 8 Bodybuilding Snacks For You | Shaw Academy sibutramine hydrochloride (meridia) diesel on a dime: 4 perfect bodybuilding recipes it is self inflicted pains. This is evening time learn to forgive, forget and TOLERATE. TOLERANCE is the pills. At old age, everyone must swallow it.
Woman ! Are you harboring pains, nursing Vengeance till evening time ? Ha ! This is self inflicted pains /injury. Some women patiently wait for pay back time to unleash the pangs of bottled up anger. OMG ! Who tells you your spouse would be the first to go ?
Please CALM DOWN. Live a healthy life.

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